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Slope Soaring with motorless Radian Pro Glider


Junior Member
My first RC motorglider was a ParkZone Radian Pro. During the early months of my RC flying experience it suffered some severe damage to one of the wings and the fuselage after the earth jumped up and hit it a couple of times. I purchased some spare wings and a fuselage but ended up just repairing the original. As a result, I had the makings of a Glider only Radian Pro which I have been flying off and on now over the last year. This video features the plane in some incredible lift conditions where there was pretty much no limit to how far up or down it could fly. Wind was anywhere from 12-20mph. Birds were soaring up and down the coast along the cliffs and at times they were hundreds of feet high to where they were just specs in the sky. I shot footage of the Radian soaring up with them during this session, but most of it was so high that it did not make for good video. Either way, there are a few short clips in this video of seagulls making friends with the Radian. For whatever reason, they seem to really warm up to this glider more than any other I fly. Unlike some of the foamboard gliders I fly, there is something about the shape of the Radian that is not threatening to them and they seem to take joy in tracking along with it in the sky.

The wings have been reinforced with Scotch Clear packing tape. The tape is applied down the length of each wing starting in the middle of the wing (~4" from the leading edge) and continues around the leading edge back under the wing another 3". This really helps to stiffen up the wing. A small ~2.5 mm diameter carbon rod approximately 8" long has been inserted in the tail across the area where the leading edge of the rudder meets the fuselage. This is a weak area on the plane that is prone to flexing and breaking.

Servos in wings are Hitec HS 55, rudder and elevator are Hitech HS 5055MG. There's a Spektrum receiver, Castle 10A BEC, and everything balances out nicely using a NanoTech 850MAh 3Cell Lipo. It will fly for hours on a single battery.

Music is a very catchy song by Vancy Joy called Riptide