rc flying

  1. CatholicFlyer

    Just Saw This Video On US House In Congress Trying To End RC Flying

    Hey everyone, I just found this video from yesterday, I guess the FAA and the Department of Defense and the House in Congress had a meeting on RC Flying, it doesn't sound good, so I will post the video of the review on the meeting.
  2. M

    Central Arkansas - From large open space to ground hugging tree scraping race places

    Hello, Do you live in or around Little Rock and would like to find places to fly?? Hello, My name is Thomas, and I live in Jacksonville near the Little Rock AFB. I know places to fly and I am also willing to fly with or help develop new pilots in RC flying.
  3. B

    How do you program a remote for a quadcopter

    Hi Im new in the hobby of flying rc's and Im really interested in building my first quad now my concerns are... Which remote can I buy for a quad? I saw a Turnigy 9X can that be programed for a quad? Which flight controller would I need for that remote? How do I program any remote to fly a...