How do you program a remote for a quadcopter


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Hi Im new in the hobby of flying rc's and Im really interested in building my first quad now my concerns are...

Which remote can I buy for a quad?
I saw a Turnigy 9X can that be programed for a quad?

Which flight controller would I need for that remote?

How do I program any remote to fly a quad is there a setup?

What are all the parts that I would also need for the rest of the quad?

I want to have a good flight time?

I want to use a gopro for fpv which I have a setup already for fpv

What do you guys recommend

Also as josh always says were Cheap" so What setup and equipment is bests only spending $60 for the remote that I don't mind but for the rest motors boards speed controllers everything else whats the cheapest setup I can make.



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1. Almost any transmitter can be programmed to control a multirotor

2. Those can be programmed to fly a multirotor

3. Any remote can control almost any flight controller

4.You set the transmitter up in a normal airplane mode. There is more work done at the flight controller side though.

5. props. motors, escs, flight control receiver, battery.

6. When beginning, you shouldnt be too concerned with flight time.

If youve never flown a multirotor before then i recommend you get something like a nano qx to learn the basics. Once you can fly that proficiently, the electrohub is a very good kit for a beginner's first build. Flitetest also sells power packs that make picking things out very easy.


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Hi Bruno50!

To answer your question almost all 4 to 5 channel transmitters can control a simple multirotor. The magic all happens with the flight controller. Essentially with a basic multirotor your flight controller will take care of actually flying the multirotor and your transmitter just tells the flight controller what to do. You typically have a channel that controls throttle, yaw, pitch and roll. The fifth channel typically controls a flight mode like acro (full manual) or auto level (flight controller keeps the multirotor level).

There are many flight controllers out there... I've been playing with a KK2 mini board (which is $20 from Hobby King) I like how it has a screen and can mess with it without having to plug it in a computer. But there are so so many other great boards out there too!

I hope this offers a little insight for you!


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Awsm awsm thanks for the info guys and "ExperimentalRC" I have a jjrc been flying it hard all over and I've gotten the hang of flying pretty well :) so that's why I'm going to the big boys now ha and "Razor" yup bud I think I'm going to use that kk2 to build one see how it all goes I'll be posting as I build :)


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My Jjrc if only I could do a cheap fpv would be awsm I do 12-15min of flight time with a 800 lipo its awsm