1. S

    Who are your favorite online hobby merchants ?

    Greetings: Hobby King has always done well for me; but I would like to expand my options. Please mention a merchant or two or two and a reason. (good prices, wide selection, online chat or whatever) Thanks
  2. Snarls

    DAL "Indestructable" Props Question

    Lately I have been breaking quite a few props doing freestyle FPV. The Gemfan 6045s are nice and cheap, but they have separated mid flight on me twice and they break pretty easily. I've been pointed to the DAL "indestructible props" from surveillzone multiple times, but heard they don't have as...
  3. F

    I think RMRC sent me the wrong RX!!!!!

    So about a week ago I bought my first fpv gear from Readymaderc. In my order was a 1.3ghz TX and RX. When my order arrived I opened the box and took everything out to look at it, everything looked right to me. a couple days later I go to run everything for the first time, and I am having trouble...