Who are your favorite online hobby merchants ?


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Hobby King has always done well for me; but I would like to expand my options.

Please mention a merchant or two or two and a reason. (good prices, wide selection, online chat or whatever)

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FliteTest - need I say more?

Race Day Quads - great selection and amazing customer service. Quick shipping, which is free on orders $50+

GetFPV - even better selection, but the number of items available can be overwhelming unless you know what you’re looking for.


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Excellent service, prices, and super fast shipping - especially on the east coast. I swear this guy's shipping operation is located inside a post office. After dozens of orders, I have only ever had 1 item arrive non-functional from the factory, and he immediately (like I had a tracking number in a matter of hours) shipped me a replacement - no fussing.


Everything FrSky / Taranis I get from these guys. Excellent service. No shipping back to China if a receiver or transmitter has a problem (which I've never had on FrSky stuff yet, knock on wood).


All my Lipo batteries these days - great selection, quality and prices. Website is a little awkward to use, but it's worth muddling through.
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RMRC ReadyMadeRC is my least favorite, last favorite, most not favorite.

I don't think I will ever buy from them. Their customer interaction (e-mail only(web based at that)) is so stupid slow it is hard to ask involved questions or discuss difficult shipping issues or concerns.

I had such an interaction with them in October '17. I gave them a choice, call me to talk about my questions and shipping issues or cancel the order. They chose to cancel the order. Thusly RMRC is at the top of my worst list.
If they ever get hip to this technology called "the telephone" I may consider going to their site again. Maybe.
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Stone blue Airlines on the other hand is awesome! Love those guys!


They are there for you in real life, in real time. Before and after you purchase.

Thanks Guys!

I hope RMRC reads this so they know everything I was going to buy from them I bought from SBA.


Aloft Hobbies is my go-to for pretty much anything, especially servos and radio gear. Being a FrSky guy, Aloft has the best prices I've seen for FrSky stuff, and cheap/fast shipping. Also, good people. I ordered an RS2205 from him, used the wrong screw and messed up the windings. I called, asked if there was any way I could fix it on my own - I did NOT ask for a free replacement, I knew I had borked it myself - and they just said, "yeah, that's busted, nothing you can do. But I'll send you a new one anyway." Granted, don't expect that EVERY time, but it's nice to know there are understanding human beings on the other end of the line sometimes. :)



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Another vote for Aloft for anything FrSky. Great post, Mid7night


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+1 for Heads up RC. I get most everything from them. China Hobby Line also seems to be pretty good for batteries.


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Value Hobby great service good rices and qwick shiing and reasonable, they may not have everything I need but there prices are good.


If I am not in a hurry and strictly shopping price Aliexpess balsa can be bought ultra cheap and most anything else cheap just do not expect fast. Finding the items your looking for can be a challenge.


Banggood is another reasonable priced to buy stuff and there service is pretty darn good, but there again do not expect to get things fast.


I do not buy much from Hobby King any more there shipping costs are getting ridiculous.


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Alofthobbies is my first place i go to for any electronics or parts for flite test planes. As said before, amazing service, cheapest shipping anywhere and crazy quick shipping in California. 9 out of the past 10 orders (no exaggeration) have got to my mailbox less than 24hrs after i ordered it. Small company so you can actually talk to the owner. Only certified repair shop in north america for Frsky and he is usually the guy at shows demonstrating frsky stuff.

Hobbyking i use for all my misc building supplies i cant get at aloft and most all my batteries.

FPV gear i usually check out getfpv and readymaderc, both great companies.

Heads up hobby is great for electronics as well but aloft is more local to me. I still check them regularly though as they have an amazing amount of prop/battery data for motors.

I used banggood a lot this year. The prices are pretty unbeatable and usually free shipping but the shipping times are really bad. I use them for getting bulk constructions parts ahead of time. Lots of hinges, extension cables, wiring, etc.


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Thank you all very much!

Collectively you guys have probably just saved me a few hundred dollars during the coming year - and potentially much frustraition.

I'm starting to really like this forum / community !:)


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I price shop between all those mentioned. I like Tower Hobbies, for balsa kits and planes, as they have big discounts on larger purchases. Amazon has some good prices on parts and stuff too.


I forgot to mention; Aloft Hobbies also has some of the best pricing I've found for silicone-insulated wiring, carbon tubes and velcro.