1. C


    I have just got into multi rotors and just built my first kit, the Electrohub. Everything went together fine, but my controller (dx6i and dx5e I tried both) would not do anything (yes i did bind, I'm using a Lemon 6 channel RX). The next thing I noticed was all 4 of my ECS were getting burning...
  2. spencertrejo

    Multiwii Airplane RTFQ (witespy)

    Not sure where else to put this, but i'm working on a project to use multiwii boards for airplane mode. So far, testing is going well. I've tested stabilize mode and Horizon mode, both work very well. I've attached a couple pics of how it is working. Will also upload some...
  3. D

    Ready to Fly Quads/Whitespy (Bad Experience... beware)

    For the most part when a vendor takes a couple days or misses something I am fine with it, however in this case it is not right. Here are the facts... I ordered a Flip32+ and then a few days later I ordered 3x Minim OSD w/ KVTeam Mod. Upon arrival I plugged in the Flip32+ to baseflight (after...