Ready to Fly Quads/Whitespy (Bad Experience... beware)


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For the most part when a vendor takes a couple days or misses something I am fine with it, however in this case it is not right. Here are the facts...

I ordered a Flip32+ and then a few days later I ordered 3x Minim OSD w/ KVTeam Mod. Upon arrival I plugged in the Flip32+ to baseflight (after updating to the latest firmware) and was unable to get the barometer to work (essentially making the board a Flip32). I contacted Paul Baxter via the websites issues/contact us link about the board not functioning properly.

First correspondence back from Paul (Jan 8th):
You can return it for exchange. The address for returns is:

Address for returns


As the board was essentially a Flip32 without the baro I responded with the following (Jan 8th):
What are your thoughts on refunding me the difference between this Flip32+ and the Flip32? This will save me the cost of shipping the unit back to you and you replacing the unit and paying shipping back. I have attached a screen grab of the raw sensor data output from baseflight.


Paul's response (Jan 10th):
Unless there is other damage to the board, it is better for me if you just return it. If you send me the tracking showing the return, I will get a new one sent out right away.


I respond back (Jan 12th)
OK... I am also going to send back with the controller a MinimOSD (KVTeam Mod), it will not accept write from the GUI. I have tried clearing the eeprom completely as well as ensuring I have the latest KVTeam firmware and it continues to do the same thing. The other 2 seem to be working flawlessly (It has the FTDI pins soldered on so if you could include 6x 90 degree pins that would be great... I can do the soldering myself. I will send you the tracking number once I get it to the post office and shipped out.

Paul's Response:
Ok I can exchange also. Thanks for sending those.


Forgot about getting to the post office till the 21st, nonetheless I sent the package USPS 2-Day Priority mail. Here is the email that I sent to Paul:
Finally got a chance to get to the post office, the package has been shipped USPS 2-Day. Tracking number 9505521365614021000689


Paul's Response (Jan 22nd):
Thanks for the head's up! I appreciate that.


I hear nothing from Paul and decide to email him to see if things may have slipped through the cracks, here is my email from the 29th of Jan (note that return arrived on the 25th):


Just checking in to see what the status is on my returns. You said the following:

Unless there is other damage to the board, it is better for me if you just return it. If you send me the tracking showing the return, I will get a new one sent out right away.


I sent you the tracking number on the 21st (9505521365614021000689)... says that it was delivered on the 25th. Just looking for an update. Thank you.


Paul's response on the 29th:
Sorry for the delay in processing your return. I will to that very soon. Thanks for the reminder.


That was the last that I have heard from Paul, I have three more inquiry emails to him with no response, I just checked his website and it now appears that the flip32+ is out of stock meaning that I will not have hardware at least until it is in stock assuming that Paul remembers.

So moral of this story is beware, I have ordered 4 items from readytoflyquads and 2 of them were defective upon receipt. I have been out the cash that I paid Paul in addition to shipping costs to return the goods not to mention the time wasted going back and forth via emails. If you have ordered anything from readytoflyquads, I hope it functions as the return service is a nightmare.


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I wanted to give everyone an update...

It is now 03/12/2014, officially a little more than 2 months since I placed my original order and I received a package in the mail today.

Paul has made my order right! In addition to the the parts that I returned he threw in a few extra goodies. The contents of the package:
1x Flip32+ w/ pins
2x KVOSD boards w/pins (I only returned 1)
1x Super flexible Gimbal Friendly Hero3 live out cable
1x Power Distribution Board
1x weird little 5mm LED flashlight thingy <- my name for it.

Overall I am happy that I have my order, I wish that it didn't take so long though but nonetheless happy to have the gear that I ordered as well as a few fun little extras.


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I figured it would work out, but like you I didn't expect that kind of delay. It's nice to know that regardless of the time it took, he did make it right for you.


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Glad you were able to come back and update everyone. It always hurts to have bad press out there. Especially when it is a good guy that can makes it all right in the end.


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i want my flip 32+ from paul....he sent me the wrong one and i had to pay $6 extra for a return for his mishap and all i been is ignored......had to open a dispute through paypal and so far im out of $39...for a flip 32+ from him until he accually decides to make it right ..i have nothing good to say period....everythings been good until now....ive ordered almost every week from him for months w no problem until now..ive tried everything to get a hold of him on this exchange and nothing.....guess this is how it is.....


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paul did make good!.......never got a reply,but did finally get my controller in the mail today, and i am happy.....i just wish he wouldve replied to me so i wouldve known something...... anything,being left in the dark sux sorry i doubted you paul....


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He is really good and have a good stuff, but to slow and not responsive. I waiting for my order to get shipped for more than month. I placed it on MARCH 29, 2015.
And I trying to be very patient:)


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Hello Paul,

I have a gps unit that is not working I bought from you. Can you give me contact info so I can send it back for evaluation. Thanks Rick