1. E

    FT Viggen in RealFlight

    I got inspired by @tanmaychhatbar and started creating FT Viggen in Fusion 360. My plan was to export it to 3ds and then get it into RealFlight (since 3ds is the supported import format). The nose isn't right. I have to make a physical one and then take measures. Too many angles :-) Will...
  2. Jonny Gum

    Wanted: Realflight for my Mom to Learn to Fly

    If anyone has an old realflight that they don't use much, I'd love to buy it. Preferably something like 7.5 or above, not the really really old ones. My mom has been wanting to learn how to fly, but my realflight (7.5) moves around with me. If possible, I'd like to buy a 7.5 so that we can do...
  3. C

    RealFlight-X RFX Review - Latest but NOT greatest. Buy 7.5 instead while you can!

    Tried to post my review in FliteTest Store but as I didn't buy it from there I cannot post my honest review. What do others who've been tricked like me think of RFX? If you want to use your sim to learn to fly something, RFX is NOT the one to buy. If you want to FPV or hop on board your...
  4. PilotSam

    Fun with RealFlight 7.5

    I just got RealFlight 7.5 (the version with the Tactic transmitter). I am loving it. It's more of just something to do when I can't get out to the field to fly. I don't actually use it to practice. That's just me, some people might be different. I really like how you can change the physics like...
  5. D

    Anyway you guys could release the cad files?

    Looking to create some of your models for realflight. The cad files would be extremely helpful. I dont have time to do allvthe measuring yself. Would release to swap pages for all to use.
  6. Maue

    Real flight quad racing

    I have investe in the real flight simulator to try and save time and money and find out what type of flying I actualy enjoy the most. But I recently came acrost rcgroups racing map and multi rotor racing copter. Both can be found on there website. Until that point I was not really enjoin the...
  7. J

    Newbie RC and Flight Sims

    Just a post for the newbies who are searching. I just purchased RealFlight 7.5 to use before crashing my homebuilt tri copter. This software is a little expensive but well worth the cost since myself and my video addicted boys crashed the simulated craft a lot! We also flew the tri copter...