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  1. ItMightFly

    Flite Fest East Registration

    Hello! I would like to know if I have to register on FliteFest.com and get a two day pass. Unfortunately, we won't be their for two days, only one. Will there be one day passes at the gate? Thanks!
  2. Snarls

    FAA Releases Drone Registration Location Data

    For anyone who wants to have a look. The state/province and zip code of every FAA registered drone owner. No street numbers or names are given so don't worry about your security being lost. Most places have dozens of registrations so you won't be singled out either. It's pretty interesting to...
  3. HilldaFlyer

    Write to your senator

    I just ran into this... I think it is worth your consideration and effort to keep FAA from regulating the RC hobby. They already have enacted a regulation for mandatory registration of model aircraft. Here is yet another step... If the proposed bill is enacted, the FAA will be establishing best...
  4. D

    AMA words on FAA registration

    AMA recommends you hold off registering until the deadline in February. They are asking you to contact FAA. Here is the link to the letter from AMA dated December 28, 2015...
  5. M

    I'm having issues registering with FAA

    Hello, I have tried to figure out a solution to this issue, but have not found any. I tryed to register my Tricopter and Dragonfly, but after getting an email with the verification link, I can't log in, it gives me a "Invalid" error, Has anyone else had this issue? Any help would be greatly...
  6. A

    Register Twice :-/

    Is it just me (maybe!), but does everyone have to register twice before they can use this site fully? If you login/register using a link that takes you to this page: http://flitetest.com/users/login you will not be logged in or registered if you go via this link...