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Register Twice :-/

Is it just me (maybe!), but does everyone have to register twice before they can use this site fully?

If you login/register using a link that takes you to this page: http://flitetest.com/users/login
you will not be logged in or registered if you go via this link: http://forum.flitetest.com/login.php?do=login

I even registered on each half using the same password and username. Weird?

Could the web-designer not copy the details from one user database to the other automatically? You could be getting people using one half of the site, but not participating on the other half because of this anomaly (like I almost gave up on).



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Having done such things myself (single sign on), I know there are some caveats: usually you use a CMS for the site and some dedicated forum software for the forum.
Plugins exist to connect the two to get single sign on, BUT at a certain moment you get an update for the CMS or for the forum software. If the plugin is incompatible with the new version, what do you do?
If you do not do the update and wait for the new version of the plugin, you might have a security risk.
So although nice to have a single sign on, it can give you headache afterwords. Both systems also might have different encryptions for storing passwords, making it impossible to 'copy' the credentials from one to another.
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It's still a bit of a work in progress. If you notice that the main "FliteTest.Com" page still says beta on it.

As of right now it's two different sites, under the same ownership. I'm not an IT guy, so I don't know how, or if they can merge them.