1. Pieliker96

    Plane DHC-4 Caribou v1.0

    The DHC-4 Caribou uses Twin C pack and a 3000 4s. It features retracts with landing gear doors, slotted flaperons, double-slotted main flaps, and actuating upper and lower cargo bay doors. It uses 13 sheets of DTFB, 1 sheet of cardstock or posterboard, and 2 sheets of 1'x2'x1/8" plywood, among...
  2. Mikey-101234


    I dont have any foam board right now(i need to replenish my supply) or any propellers, motors, any jet system, any actuators, or any skill/tools required to make precise cuts to make any aircraft right now(I am new to making rc planes(all ready cut my finger badly, had to get 2 stitches but that...