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DHC-4 Caribou

Plane DHC-4 Caribou v1.0

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Build Plan (PDF, AI, etc.)

The DHC-4 Caribou uses Twin C pack and a 3000 4s. It features retracts with landing gear doors, slotted flaperons, double-slotted main flaps, and actuating upper and lower cargo bay doors. It uses 13 sheets of DTFB, 1 sheet of cardstock or posterboard, and 2 sheets of 1'x2'x1/8" plywood, among popsicle sticks and other assorted bits of hardware. Build guidance, updates, and more information can be found in its forum thread.

The plans come in four forms:
.pdf, Full 20" x 30"
.pdf, A4 ("A", 8.5"x11") Tiled
.pdf, A3 ("B", 11"x17") Tiled
.svg, Master Copy

Channel muxing code for the Arduino is also included.
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