1. M

    Simple retracts (9g servo operated)

    Hi! This is my very first post on this forum (but I did post an article about scout xl travel kit) This is to present my 9g operated, 3d printed retractable landing gear. It has been bench tested and can hold at least 5kg of force in all axis and each unit weight 50g at 100% infill, servo...
  2. OlliePackman

    Solved Corsair Landing Gear

    I was wandering if there would be any way that I could fit an FT Corsair with a retractable landing gear. I don't really know anything about the different mechanisms like air or mechanical or how they really work.
  3. ComikzInk

    3D Printable FT Spitfire Retracts

    Hi all, I've spent the past few weeks designing, printing and testing a little project to share. Having recently acquired a FT Spitfire I wanted to mod this thing the moment I finished it. I felt the first thing to do before painting her was to give her landing gear so I can keep the belly...