reversing esc

  1. L Edge

    EXPLORING New Area---Reversing ESC, EDF's, PROPS, and SEQUENCERS

    These are interesting times with the new technology. The latest is the ESC that is capable of stopping, reversing direction, so now we have a method to apply negative thrust to either the prop setup or EDF's. Have a short landing strip, no need to worry if you are high, hot and/or heavy...
  2. O

    Insane FT Arrow, 2500 degrees/second Flat Spin

    Felt obligated to share this crazy thing my roommate recently made. With 2400kv 1808s set up on reversing afro 30 amps this thing is able to rotate about its yaw axis at about 400RPM. I don't think there has ever been any FT arrow able to do this. When parallel to the horizon, it is almost...