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These are interesting times with the new technology. The latest is the ESC that is capable of stopping, reversing direction, so now we have a method to apply negative thrust to either the prop setup or EDF's. Have a short landing strip, no need to worry if you are high, hot and/or heavy.

Running a prop the wrong direction everyone has done and really no problems. Found a source of blades that should handle my range of planes. I explored 4D flying in the past, maybe it needs to be revisited. Love to do a nose down vertical and flip the switch as it goes into reverse and see if you can do any acrobatics with it.

How about EDF's?
So I explored that area and started by taking a balanced EDF and ran it backwards. Even went to full power and I got plenty of power with a good 12 bladed 70 EDF.
Explored with a 5 bladed 64 EDF and again it's good to go. Just don't stand close while do runups.
Purchased a 60 amp reversible ESC. Beginning to convert my boneyard planes so that I can adapt it and see what transpires. The one I am looking forward is to to take my 2 EDF transport and equip it to land, reverse the engines and even back it up. Going to add a movable nose wheel so you can even turn it around.

Since I'm interested in doing sequencer programs on my DX9, set up a program where when your throttle is closed after landing, the sequencer when switched on, increases the throttle automatically for a fixed time running backwards, shuts the EDF off and gives you back control. Since each plane is different, you have to find the time and the amount of throttle that works and then you program that in.

Will keep you posted on how progress is going. Answer any questions.

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Well I completed the programming setup for the sequencer to handle the startup of 2 engines with a spacing of 4 sec between time of engine starts where each one goes to idle. Even the trim works on throttle to adjust idle rpm's.

Looking at safety, also set up throttle cut is case it's necessary while in the sequencer or out of it while flying. If one engine craps out, throttle cut kills the other that will allow you to possible save airplane or prevent ground accident. Ask me how I know.

Now that the sequencer is 1/2 finished where it starts the engines, it is idle and allows you now to use the throttle from idle to full throttle. You then land, and then when you hit sequencer switch so now it shuts one engine, waits 2 seconds(quicker) and then the other.

I want to play around and after you flip the sequencer switch, have the first engine wait 2 seconds before it starts, rather then immediately.

Will make video shortly.

Setting up 4 engine start on radio for the same way. Trying to figure out so I can use a extra switch to shut down an order pair of engines (inner or outer) so if one engine craps out (not enough rudder) the other paired will give even thrust to give you a chance to make it back to landing. Throttle cut will now only work in sequencer.

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Got a new toy to play with. Trying to use a timed sequencer to reverse the servo direction and run the motor up backwards so the prop produces reverse thrust to shorten the landing distance. Want to see if it can be triggered automatically from the throttle.

Now have two videos I need to make. One with the brake setup and the other with the one engine starting, delay and then the second engine start which then allows you to take off.

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Going to try a different approach to the sequencer. Built a cyclic loop so that the prop changes direction by reversing the gear's servo position from -100 to +100 and then going from zero revs to about 300 revs backwards for a short interval. Then it shuts down on the back half. If the flight mode switch isn't moved, it will do the same cycle over. If moved, it drop out of reverse and you regain forward motion just by pushing the throttle up. Again, throttle cut is active just in case of lose of control.

Works good. Will do video when the temp improves.
With the sequencer, you can either change the rpm's or length of time reversed to suit your fashion. Now I owe you three videos.