1. F

    Boba Straw Rocket

    Hey Guys, I was wondering if i could get some help, I'm building a small rocket that gets launched off of a boba straw using my breath. Any ideas on how to make fins get a nose cone and make a body? Thanks, anything helps!
  2. Aerospacechannel

    Shameless Promotion of my YT Channel

    I know that this is probably not going to get clicked on, but I figured why not. I build rockets and planes and other engineering things. I currently only have 2 videos but I plan to post soon, in February. I would ask you to please subscribe, but that’s up to you. I am also working on adding...
  3. TurtlesThatFly

    Should there be a free flight and/or rockets section here?

    Based on posts recently, it seems that people on this forum are moving towards free flight and rockets. Because of how popular they were getting, I decided to start a poll here to see what everyone thinks about it and how much they might contribute to it. :D Hopefully the mods would notice it :)