1. Longtoes

    Wondering about aircraft propeller sizes

    Hi! I'm glad to finally make an account after watching Flite Test for quite a few years. Today I'd like to ask about propeller efficiency and how it correlates with aircraft range. So, from what I've gathered from data, it seems larger props unanimously produce more thrust for a given amount of...
  2. Azahari

    Dual Robot Arm Airplane Drone

    Hi, my name Azahari. I'm from Malaysia. I designed a Dual Robot Arm Airplane Drone. Feel free to build, sell, commercialize AEROBOT. "AEROBOT" by AZAHARI is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Download AEROBOT here...
  3. W

    10,000 ft arial UAV deployment

    Hi I'm designing a co-axial rotor UAV that's going to need to start flying from a free fall at 10,000 feet, fly back to where it was launched and land. I was considering using Arduplane because it uses four servos to control attitude. Is there a better flight controller should use?
  4. S

    Looking for multi rotor parts/camera/kits/and more Long Island NY??

    Hey I live in NY and im looking for some anyone selling Multi Rotors or any parts. Not really anything specific. PM if you can help