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10,000 ft arial UAV deployment

Hi I'm designing a co-axial rotor UAV that's going to need to start flying from a free fall at 10,000 feet, fly back to where it was launched and land. I was considering using Arduplane because it uses four servos to control attitude. Is there a better flight controller should use?


Rogue Drone Pilot
Most flight controllers are capable of handling multiple platforms. One thing you don't want to do is try to adapt a flight controller designed for a specific platform to another unless you really know what you are doing. What you describe means you'll need a flight controller with a return to land feature as well as a barometer and GPS at a minimum.

One thing I may add here... Make sure you research heavily into the legality of your project. Currently as hobbyists we are supposed to stay below 400 feet. If you are doing this for a project or for research purposes you'll probably need to get appropriate permits for experimental UAV aircraft. You could check with local universities in your area to see if they can help you.