1. Inq

    Part InqRouter - Rotary Tool Holder 2023-02-10

    Introduction This is a 3D Printed stand that holds a very specific Dremel style tool such that it can be used as a router with a constant depth and perpendicular. Using it against a ruler, you can get a strait line. Why... I have a need to curve DTFB tighter than I can do by simply using the...
  2. DJSomm1

    Customizing the ERC TimSav

    This is the story of my modified TimSav. I wanted to keep the simplicity of the TimSav, but add some features to make it more useable: 1. Larger cutting space, to accommodate 24” x 48” underlayment foam sheets. 2. Vacuum bed to simplify alignment, and wrangle warped foam. 3. Fewer 3D printed...
  3. S

    Hire a CNC router?

    First post! I want to build a FT Gremlin but want to design my own frame and get it cut but I don't have a CNC router! Does anyone know of people who do this as a hobby or professionally? I know of online services that contract out 3D prints and I'd like something similar but for cutting parts...