1. Tench745

    Plane 46" Spirit of St Louis 3.3

    A master series style, 46" wingspan Spirit of St Louis. Uses 4 sheets of DTFB. Not a Swappable. The spirit is not a hard plane to fly, but you do have to fly it all the time; no letting your mind or thumbs wander, else the plane will go with them. I would say this is an intermediate flyer. It...
  2. Tench745

    Plane McB Small Spirit 2.2

    A 46" wingspan FT style Spirit of St Louis. Not Swappable. Uses a 2826 1400kv motor and 2000mah 2S. Version two has enlarged tail surfaces and flew well with this configuration. Radial engine and other decals are not included in this release. Wing struts and scale landing gear not yet...