46" Spirit of St Louis

Plane 46" Spirit of St Louis 3.3

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Build Plan (PDF, AI, etc.)
A master series style, 46" wingspan Spirit of St Louis. Uses 4 sheets of DTFB. Not a Swappable.
The spirit is not a hard plane to fly, but you do have to fly it all the time; no letting your mind or thumbs wander, else the plane will go with them.
I would say this is an intermediate flyer. It is not self-correcting, but it is relatively slow and has forgiving flight characteristics.

Original used a Turnigy 2826 1400kv motor and 2000mah 2S. The cowling nicely fits a 1-3/4" spinner, but I've gotten used to how she looks without one.

Wingspan: 46"
Length: 27"
Wing area: 320in2
Chord length: 7"
Chord thickness: 13/16"
Flying weight with 2000mah 2s and
ballast: 23oz
CG: 1-3/4" from leading edge
Wing loading: 10.4 oz/ft2
Wing cube loading: 7
~Stall speed: 16 mph
~Max speed: 43 mph
Motor: 2212/10 1400kv
Prop: 8x6 sf

Wright J-5 engine image and other markings are included as a separate PDF.
Wing struts are not yet available. The landing gear fairings are still in beta.

Feel free to experiment and ask questions.
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