1. Scooter The White Rabbit

    Help! C-130 semi-scratch build near GP specs?

    I've built the FT Guinea Pig, and a scratch Sky-Van(?) I call a "Sky-Truck". But now is the wait to paint, power packs, batteries, radio gear, etc... I normally cut my Hot Pockets just after I cook them with a large chefs knife, just because I get kinda even bites. Hey, wait, wrong forum...
  2. JamesWhom

    Big FT Scout

    Hey everyone, I am wanting to build an FT mighty mini Scout - however I don't want it to be mini. I would like it to be 200% of the original size. I know Flitetest said that they were going to release a bigger swappable version of the scout soon, however I want one now! I also want to make it...