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scratch build.

  1. IMG_20190220_193729.jpg


    My first scratch build took me 2 days to build its a glider and it works pretty well going to add rudder soon seeing what kind I want if you have any segeshtons i would appreciate it.
  2. C

    When making a scratch build what thickness should the foam be?

    When making a scratch build what thickness should the foam be?
  3. A

    Confused by flying problem - can you help?

    Hi folks, I've been working on a little high-wing foam board plane using the remains of my Pilatus Porter - roughly 800mm wingspan. I've a flight problem that has me baffled. The plane is reasonably stable with either rudder turns or banked turns, but as soon as I apply more than a little up...
  4. T

    Printing plans?

    I'm want to build the ft versa wing but don't have enough money to buy it. I wanted to use the plans online to make it but was unsure how to print it. I have access:confused to a plotter so i can print the full size plans but was unsure how to print it and keep it to scale. Can anyone give me an...
  5. Andre

    FPV-2 Twin Boomer

    Trying something a little different. Twin prop FPV bird. Reused the wing from the prev single motor plane. Borrowed the motors off the 48 plane so I'll have to re-use the wing and match it up with the FPV-1 fuselage. 7x5 static rudders and 18x5 elevator (10x3 moveable area). Sub frame...