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I'm want to build the ft versa wing but don't have enough money to buy it. I wanted to use the plans online to make it but was unsure how to print it. I have access:confused to a plotter so i can print the full size plans but was unsure how to print it and keep it to scale. Can anyone give me an idea. Thanks.:confused:


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The plans includes an in/cm scale -- if your plotter can render a selection of a plot area, you might try plotting this, then laying a ruler against it. As long as it's close, it should work right.


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Print just the scale to check the sizing. Adjust if necessary to close to correct size. If it's close, you'll be fine. These are very forgiving planes, and plans.


When you go to print the file, in the box that comes up is asks you if you want to print using the PDF paper size. If you tell it yes it will print to scale.