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  1. Z

    Model for A2212/13T?

    Hello! I have a A2212/13T 1000kv motor, that I removed from my crashed ( :( ) plane, and I going to build another but... I don't know how to choose, because I want to build a swappable one from the flite test, but I don't know wich model I can put this motor. And I'm a begginer on...
  2. R

    Motor Selection Beginner First-time

    Hello everybody, I with my friend have decided to make a foam RC plane, we have decided to make it from scratch and not by copying any plan from the internet. I want to make it with two engines, I mean two brushless motors, The problem I am facing is choosing the right motors. I want it to be as...
  3. R

    Episode Request: Choosing A Motor/Prop Combo

    Hey Guys! I know you guys did an episode on choosing props, and did a power test set-up. But I'm still new to electric power, and am getting confused by all the numbers on motors, which don't seem to translate from one manufacturer to another (Not all companies list what a 370 or 425...
  4. N

    Power Draw, In-Flight versus Bench

    One thing I've noticed in a lot of advice columns and articles is that most discussions of power draw are based on bench testing. Hook up the battery, ESC, motor, and prop, with a watt-meter in-line. Run it up, and check the power draw. Put it on a force balance and check the thrust. This...
  5. D

    Motor Selection

    Hi Guys, I have the 36.6in Hobbyking Yak54 (http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=10350), and I am looking to replace the geared inrunner with an outrunner. I am interested in learning what motor, ESC & prop combination I should use to retain similar performance to...