Model for A2212/13T?


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I have a A2212/13T 1000kv motor, that I removed from my crashed ( :( ) plane, and I going to build another but...
I don't know how to choose, because I want to build a swappable one from the flite test, but I don't know wich model I can put this motor.

And I'm a begginer on aeromodelism...

I know that the motor with the 30A ESC and the 11,1 v 3s 2200mAh, make a 700 grams thrust, and I saw that the FT Sportster it's close to 600 grams with the battery.

Have something that I need to see before the build? Have some better model for me?

(Sorry if this thread it's in the wrong place... I'm begginer here too...)
Hello zenomy,
I know I'm late, but I might be able to help you out here. Ive build several ft planes. And flown some with a 2212-10t 1400kv brushless motor, 3s,2200mah li-po.
Try to fogy, an amazing plane. I flew mine with a 2212-10t 1400 kv,3 s 2200mah li-po, 8*4 prop flew great.
Have flown ft explorer with the same setup but with 8*6 prop. You'll not have unlimited vertical here, but flies great.

What prop were you using with your 2212-13t 1000kv setup?