servo failure

  1. C

    Help! Regarding configure kk 2.1.5 flight controller for bicopter

    I have built a bicopter and I am new in this field. I am using kk 2.1.5 flight controller. I have done the necessary setting and adjust the values of PI editor and other setting as shown in one YouTube video whose bicopter was properly working. The problem I am facing is, one of the bldc motor...
  2. S

    Dualcopter kk2.1.5 right servo not working

    Hi I've been facing this issue for a while and nothing seems to work. This is my second shot at making a Dualcopter. My first try failed but everything worked the way it should. This time around, the right servo alone doesn't work. I checked if it is connected properly and it sure is, and when...
  3. dryhiker

    Use Caution Mounting Servos!

    Hopefully this helps someone. I had an aileron servo on a Tiny Trainer lock up when glued down. I took it apart to see if I had melted the gears and I had not. The potentiometer (position sensor) under the output shaft had been overheated and locked in place. This was a 4.7 gram servo and...