setup help

  1. Oldbrass

    Help! Did I just waste $50 on an Aura?

    Howdy all, Full disclosure- I'm a total n00b to RC aircraft (but not cars, but they mostly stay on the ground. Mostly) and am trying to figure this whole thing out. So I went and picked up an Aura 5 Lite to put in an FT P-47 for my son and now that the build is going along nicely, I'm worried...
  2. BS projects inc.

    Help! Long range fpv arduplane platform questions

    For the last few months I have been cruising around with my Zohd Nano talon with an fpv setup that got me half a mile away. Over the weekend however, the plane and fpv setup stopped working, after it was run over by a plow. The esc burnt out (I was using the recommended voltage) and it glided...