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  1. L

    Battery left plugged in overnight.

    Hello all! I had a friend leave his lipo plugged in overnight and drained it completely. I know there is a way to use nimh to revive it but was unsure how easy/safe it is. I'm not concerned about ruining the battery as it is already worthless to us in a way. It is a turnigy 3s 2200. Any...
  2. T

    Please do a show experimenting with extremely short landing techniques for planes.

    I fly FPV in rural places where it's often very rocky, hilly, with trees or other obstacles everywhere. That means it's very hard to find a flat open place to land a plane, especially the somewhat larger ones (Skywalker, Mini Talon, etc). Some ideas I have in descending order of expected...
  3. jamiedco

    The One Take Wonder

    Hello All I am proposing a new video style called "The One Take Wonder" in witch you do a single flight from take off to landing with cool stuff in the middle . this form factor is aimed at showing a pilots true skill and not there editing skill . I believe it will make for some great pure fpv...