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Battery left plugged in overnight.

Hello all! I had a friend leave his lipo plugged in overnight and drained it completely. I know there is a way to use nimh to revive it but was unsure how easy/safe it is. I'm not concerned about ruining the battery as it is already worthless to us in a way. It is a turnigy 3s 2200.

Any suggestions or best practice methods to revive it?

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I have revived LiPo's that were slightly below minimum voltage but have also had a number of LiPo's go the way of Kansas, past the point of no return.:(
if your charger will charge it put it in a lipo bag and set it outside on concrete and get a fire extinguisher and watch it you may be able to fix it. By the way a great upgrade for only 8 more dollars are rmrc 3s 2200s I love them.


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Chances are good that you can recharge it and it will work, poorly. IMO, it's not worth the risk. Lipos don't respond well to torture.

Take it to Batteries Plus Bulbs and recycle it.

Batteries are cheap compared to your home and the lives of you and your family. Be smart. Don't risk it. Don't trust it. Get it out of your home. :)


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I'll go with Cranial on this one mate. Hook a light bulb to it to make sure it is fully dead then cut the connector off and solder the main wires together and recycle it. Not worth burning your house down for something that won't be half as good as it used to be before all the work to wake it back up. Besides you have to attend the battery using the nicad method. You can't just plug it in and walk away. Its like watching grass grow.
I've tried the nicad method before. All you need to do is get a little charge into it and then switch to LiPO. That being said, one cell never worked well and the battery eventually puffed. I'll never do it again.