1. FoamyDM

    Plane FoamyDM - Luscombe Silvaire 1.0

    INSPIRATION I was asked to try my hand at designing the Luscombe Silvaire from a forum friend, @kilroy07 . He explained how he loved and hated this plane. He loved it for the memories he has with his father in it (see below), but he hated the elbow grease required to shine this beaut' up...
  2. FoamyDM

    FTFC20 Luscombe Silvaire by FoamyDM and Kilroy07

    ...Because Every Cloud should have Silvaire Lining... Kilroy07 has been a sucker for a challenge for a long while now. He joined my First Forum Challenge -Build-ruary. it's a madcap attempt build 4 planes in February. It's just stupid, fun, and you should try it this year! Since those early...