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  1. Crazed Scout Pilot

    Part FT Tutor Lightning Bolt 1

    If your Flite Test Tutor Is looking a little bit drab add this lightning bold decal to your Tutor and Drabness goes away! You can uses it as a stencil or print it out in different color. If you would like a custom color just let me know and I will post whatever color scheme you want.
  2. Rasterize

    Skin Rasterize Skins for the FT Simple Cub 2018-09-24

    The FT Simple Cub is one of the most popular FT models out there. It's a great plane and fun to fly. And there is so much history to the Piper Cub and all of its variants. Here are seven cool skins for you to use and put some spice into your FT Simple Cub flying. If you want to use the skins...