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Rasterize Skins for the FT Simple Cub

Skin Rasterize Skins for the FT Simple Cub 2018-09-24

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Skins & Decals (PDF, AI, SVN, etc.)
The FT Simple Cub is one of the most popular FT models out there. It's a great plane and fun to fly. And there is so much history to the Piper Cub and all of its variants. Here are seven cool skins for you to use and put some spice into your FT Simple Cub flying. If you want to use the skins, you'll need to have them printed out Arch D sized sheets - 24x36 or larger or tile them down to a size you can print.

You can use Staples Engineering prints service https://www.staples.com/sbd/content/copyandprint/engineering-prints.html - Don't use their photo quality printing! Only the Color Engineering Prints! You can also take it into Adobe Acrobat Reader and try tiling (poster printing) to whatever printer and size paper you wish.

Classic Yellow Cub
FT SC Classic.JPG

Blue/White Star Burst
FT Simple Cub Clipped Blue White Sun Beam Proof.jpg

Yellow/Black Star Burst
FT Simple Cub Clipped Yellow Black Sun Beam Proof.jpg

L4 Grasshopper

British Flitfire
FT Simple Cub Flitfire Proof.jpg

Post War German
FT Simple Cub German.jpg

Swedish Cub
FT SC Sweedish.JPG
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Latest reviews

Great work,
Thank You
Thanks Jeff. Loved your Finish version!
Absolutely gorgeous! On the down side, Staples wants $60 bucks for one set, $20.00 USD per sheet. That's at 30% color. When are you going to get up and running? I'd rather give you my scheckles than Staples.
This is a amazing example of his skill and dedication to helping his fellow modelers create stunning aircraft.
Thanks cochise! I hope to be able to offer printing of skins on 24X36 sheets soon. No taping or gluing small tiled sheets! Just cut and glue to the foam!
Very nice! The only problem is going to be deciding which one to use! Thank you for everything you do for this community!
You are welcome sir! Thanks for the kind words.
These are awesome!! Great work!!
Thank you!
Love these skins, i just picked up a set from staples today! Cant wait to put together another cub with them. Thanks for your hard work!
You are very welcome! Don't forget to post pics. I'd love to see them.
These graphics for the FT Simple Cub are Simply AMAZING! Great work as usual Rasterize.
As always, cant make em without your great work making these plans! Thanks Dan!
The attention to detail is stunning (as always!)
Thanks Kilroy. It is my belief that if someone was going to spent the extra time and money on trying to make their FT plane looks special that it should have as much detail (eye candy) as possible.