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  1. C

    Winter FPV in cold, in snow and in sleet. Why stop flying when you can fly ? :D

    Hello guys and girls that are addicted to FPV. I live up in Northern Sweden, in a small university town called Luleå. It is a coastal town and there is plenty of water everywhere. So i started flying (teached myself how to fly with a quad first) with a Sky Scout and learned how to fly on a...
  2. Andre

    Andre's Durafly SkyMule

    The Durafly™ SkyMule Twin FPV Sports Model EPO 1500mm (Kit) arrived today. I'm always a little worried when planes come by regular mail but this one was perfect. Credit to HK for actually taking the time to wrap it up very nicely. They flipped the outer box inside out so the contents would not...
  3. S

    Hobby King Sky Mule Review

    I am interested in buying the "new" Skymule that is sold at Hobby King. It seems like a really interesting airplane with the twin engine and optional skis for snow or sand! You guys should do an episode reviewing this aircraft...