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    Full Metal Servoless Retracts - 140mm Oleo - AS NEW!

    Hi All, I've got a set of pretty much new Turnigy Servoless Retracts - 140mm Oleo that I'd like to get rid off. They were installed on an X8 project which never got off the ground (excuse the pun!). I'll include the wheels for free! As new without the box, EXCEPT when I removed them from the...
  2. S

    Long Distance Skywalker FPV 3.5Km RT

    Hey folks, I did my first and second FPV flight with my Skywalker 1900 today and I thought i would share the video. The video has most of the details so here you go: You can watch the second flight HERE Today was a little cloudy up high, about 45F, and no wind which is just about right in my...
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    Skywalker mid air collision with HK Walrus

    Finally got round to editing this footage from a few weeks ago! Some flying at a local windfarm with friends which was cut short due to an....'incident'. Skip to 2:10 if you're impatient and want to see the mid air collision! Decided to have a bit of fun with the editing as well, hope you...
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    Latest FPV to the clouds

  5. A-9

    WW2 plane chasing?

    Hi me and my friend got this cool idea. Maybe you can do some scale modele chasing? I think that the viewers would love the video. Something like this? Messerschmitt BF109E http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__17945__Messerschmitt_BF109E_w_Stand_650mm_PNF_.html P-51...
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    Skywalker chasing Bixler mid-air collision!!!!

    Hi guys, I have a really nice video for you today. It took about one hour to film and about 6 hours to edit,render and upload!! We putted allot of work into this videos. So checkout the video below and subscribe for more videos. (Vampire unboxing+review+flight footage) Comment and tell us...
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    Skywalker above the snow!!! NONAMERC

    Hi guys, We made a really cool video were we fly the skywalker above a frozen lake. While we were flying we also got some amazing footage of ice-skaters. We reached the locall news-papers! It's definetly worth to check out! Greetings, NoNameRC Subscribe that would make my day! :D