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  1. L

    Orangerx T-six and headtracking?

    Hello I'm a somewhat newbie and I have a fatshark pan and tilt servo, skyzone v2 goggles and the orangerx T-six transmitter and orx r620x v2 reciever. And I cannot for the life of me figure out how to enable headtracking, if at all possible with this setup someone please help me !!
  2. Snarls

    Beginner FPV for Aerial Photography

    Hello everyone! A couple of months ago I built a quad capable of carrying a brushless camera gimbal for aerial photography. I was able to get some cool landscape shots, but I realized to get the best pictures/video possible I needed a way to frame the view and that is why I want to get into FPV...
  3. IamNabil

    Flyzone Calypso

    So, in the other thread, thoughts on the radian vs the bixler I spoke about not knowing what to get, and trying to find something interesting to fly before this weekend, which is forecast to be the nicest weekend this summer. I called every shop within three hundred miles, and not a single one...