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Hello everyone! A couple of months ago I built a quad capable of carrying a brushless camera gimbal for aerial photography. I was able to get some cool landscape shots, but I realized to get the best pictures/video possible I needed a way to frame the view and that is why I want to get into FPV.

As a beginner I don't want to invest a heavy sum into my setup so I am currently looking at the Skyzone Plug-N-Play FPV 200-Set With TS5823 TX, RC832 RX, Sony CCD and Circular Polarized Antennas

What are the limits of this system? I am using FPV to help film, but I may get hooked into the miniquad FPV game later. I don't necessarily require miles of range, but I am concerned that if I go behind a tree or building that I will loose signal.
Additionally, the RX antenna is 90 degrees while the TX antenna is straight. I want to mount the TX horizontal on the new quad I am building, but the antenna will need to be pointing up. It is ok to switch the RX and TX antennas so the 90 degree is on the TX? Lastly, will I learn the ropes of FPV faster on a plane or a quad?

Thanks for your help
I just recently got the 200mW set of this Skyzone package and along with it the Quanum V2 pro DIY goggles. First off i would have to say this kit is amazing considering how much it costs. I originally had been using Fatshark goggles and although they are very sleek and compact looking\using i found it really lacked the immersion I was looking for, the Quanum goggles solved this with the great 10" monitor the kit comes with. As far as the Skyzone kit is concerned it has worked out amazingly well. To answer one of the questions, NO, you can not swap the RX and TX antennas with each other because they are designed specifically for either a RX or TX. As far as range and penetration capabilities of the set i've been very impressed. I tested the penetration strength by leaving the camera and TX in my quad inside my house (a fairly large house made of thick brick walls and many rooms) and i took my goggles and went outside and scross the street and into the neighbors house and still i had flawless video. I haven't been daring enough to check the total range limit because I have no spotter or any way to find my lost quad if i lose video but that being said I have flown out to approximately 120m with minimal loss of signal (mostly if you are at altitude). I highly recommend this set up (although it may feel and look more goofy than fatsharks) and the added benefit is since it's a DIY set up you can always swap out components making upgrades inexpensive and simple.
In conclusion, Low cost, High quality, great feeling of immersion, impressive range and penetration. I would go for it if you are having any doubts I can say you won't be disappointed.
Hope this helps at all.


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First thing.. throw out those antennas.

They'll likely work, but I have found that the weakest point in any FPV system is often the antennas. And this is from a guy who has bought lots of the cheap ones, because with my woodland flying, they tend to have a rather short life span.

I have recently started using the TBS/VAS Antennas...

I'm very impressed with the quality. It's a much clearer picture than what I was getting with any of the other antennas I was using.

As to the rest of the components. They'll get you in the air. Eventually you'll end up replacing everything. The receiver is good, and you may end up getting a second one to add diversity. So you can have an antenna that has a narrower beam, so you can fly further, but then a second antenna that's good for close in flying, and that will cover you if you get behind your setup.

The camera has the sony sensor which is good. The 480 TVL is a lower resolution, but, you don't want anything over 600/700 TVL, since the size of the data will cause lag, and because of the analog system, that's as high of resolution you're going to be able to utilize anyhow.

The transmitters can be hit or miss. It will work or it won't. They've really improved these little micro sized vtx's a lot over the last year or so. Like everything else in this package, it will certainly get you in the air. And for the price it's a good deal.