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slow fly

  1. V

    Hey everyone! Begginer to the hobby with some questions...

    Hey everyone, Im a completely begginer to the hobby and havent built/flown any planes before but have had loads of hours on simulators. So this being my first build, I got the FT Bushwacker speed built kit along with the Power pack C. In the page where you view the FT bushwacker it says the...
  2. S

    Places for newbie to fly in/near Charlotte, NC

    I am a retired engineer and a newbie to RC Models. I am looking for a place to fly the Flight Test airplanes. Does anyone have a suggestion. Thanks, Slow Fly Larry
  3. mesolost

    Pick my next plane! How slow can you go?

    OK I want another plane but I have some conditions it's gotta meet so I'm asking the most knowledgeable people I know, the FliteTest community. I'd like it to be a larger plane so it can handle mild to moderate wind/gusts without getting too squirrely and it has to be able to fly very slow...