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slow fly

  1. Dr. Looping Looie

    Let's design the next generation bushplane!

    Now Im almost done with all my little projects, its finally time to start something serious. Since elementary school, I dreamed about an aircraft that could really land anywhere. And by anywhere I also mean on water or snow, so it should be amphibian. The other goal is that it should deliver...
  2. V

    Hey everyone! Begginer to the hobby with some questions...

    Hey everyone, Im a completely begginer to the hobby and havent built/flown any planes before but have had loads of hours on simulators. So this being my first build, I got the FT Bushwacker speed built kit along with the Power pack C. In the page where you view the FT bushwacker it says the...
  3. S

    Places for newbie to fly in/near Charlotte, NC

    I am a retired engineer and a newbie to RC Models. I am looking for a place to fly the Flight Test airplanes. Does anyone have a suggestion. Thanks, Slow Fly Larry
  4. mesolost

    Pick my next plane! How slow can you go?

    OK I want another plane but I have some conditions it's gotta meet so I'm asking the most knowledgeable people I know, the FliteTest community. I'd like it to be a larger plane so it can handle mild to moderate wind/gusts without getting too squirrely and it has to be able to fly very slow...