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  1. Zephyr1

    FTFC20 SPAD XIII designed by Zephyr1

    My entry into this challenge will be a Spad XIII. The initial plans call for a 30in wingspan, and that's what I am going to be doing initially. However I do plan on scaling it up to near a 40in wingspan in line with Ben's PT-17. I usually design a lot of EDFs, so it will be fun to do something...
  2. F

    BAD SPAD (35.5cc home built S.P.A.D.) specs/info/plans.

    I have recently built a giant S.P.A.D. gasser (I call it BAD SPAD). And have completed a short maiden flight with an engine out and found the following: it fly’s slow, stable, climbs well, seems to stall gently by mushing out, glides very well, is forgiving, and very cheap to build. I’m thinking...
  3. jsut210

    Servo Suggestions For SPAD Stick

    Hello, I am just not starting to get the parts in order for my next build. I'm planning to use a Ryobi 31cc engine that I've converted and throw it on this: http://www.spadtothebone.org/PDF/Ultra%20Spad%20Stick.pdf . My question is about the servos that I should use. At first I was looking...