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    Gremlin Emax motor faulty, need replacement!

    Hey Flitetest, I already submitted a Support inquiry about this but I haven't heard anything in 24 hours now and these things always bother me to no end so I feel impulsive to try and get a response lol. (But sorry if I'm being pushy) My Case number is 43646 Basically, one of my motors on my...
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    For Trade or Sale: Hubsan H107L Accessories

    Anyone flying the Hubsan H107L micro quad? I got some replacement lights, landing pads, and a prop protector that have never been used. I also have a prop removal tool that is very useful for changing out props. I might also have a replacement motor. I would be willing to sell or trade them. I...
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    ElectroHub 3D Arms Model (Spider Quad)

    Hello everyone, I am posting this thread to let everyone know that if you damage, break, or don't like to use the wooden booms for electro hub I have a solution. I caded up a design for the spider quads arms. There's 2 pieces, the front arms, and then the back arms. Basically if you have a 3D...