spektrum ar620

  1. R

    Please Help.

    I am helping my 13 year old son build a FliteTest tutor. The build went fine, but we are having trouble getting the electronics to work properly. We have a Spektrum AR620 receiver and a DXS transmitter. The tail flaps and rudder are working fine, but the motor will not turn. We have checked to...
  2. LeeBee71

    Help! RocHobby MXS V2 with AR620 Spektrum Rx and Spektrum DX6 Tx

    Hey if there's someone out there with a RocHobby MXS V2 with AR620 Spektrum Receiver, then could you please send me a pic of your connection set up - my pic is below. My problem is that when I bought the plane I followed the connection guidelines that came with the Reflex Flight Controller and...
  3. T

    Spektrum AR620 PWM high voltage

    hi, I am using the Spektrum AR620 to send PWM signals to a flight computer to control it, but I have a problem: the flight computer can only take 3.3V logic, and I don't know weather the AR620 receiver outputs 5V or 3.3V logic. The receiver is running on a 5.5V SBEC. Does anyone know weather...