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spektrum dx7

  1. NealisNeal

    Help! Wondering about binding an old(ish) transmitter with FrSky receiver

    Hello Everyone! I am returning the world of RC airplanes (I was very into it but have fallen out the past couple of years), and I was wondering if I was able to bind a quadcopter's FrSky D8 - SPI BUS receiver to a Spektrum DX7s transmitter. Thanks for any input (Go easy on me I am new to the...
  2. Captain Video

    Spektrum DX7 no longer binds to any receiver

    I have a Spektrum dx7 which no longer binds to any of my Spektrum receivers. I have used it for a long while and it will not go into its binding mode. I have a dx6 and dx4 which works fine with any of my receivers. The button on the back of the dx7 will only blink for a half a second when I try...
  3. J

    Spektrum DX7 Setup for Electrohub Y6

    Hi there all - I'm new to the hobby and have just built myself an Electrohub Y6 using a Vector flight controller and 8 channel LemonRX receiver. My problem is that I am lost when it comes to setting up my (old, second hand) Spektrum DX7 transmitter. I have managed to bind the receiver to it...