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Spektrum DX7 Setup for Electrohub Y6


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Hi there all - I'm new to the hobby and have just built myself an Electrohub Y6 using a Vector flight controller and 8 channel LemonRX receiver. My problem is that I am lost when it comes to setting up my (old, second hand) Spektrum DX7 transmitter. I have managed to bind the receiver to it (at least the receiver LEDs light up when the transmitter is on), but am confused about setting the transmitter up to control my beastie... I have searched the internet for hours, but not managed to find anything that makes sense (to me, at least). The Spektrum site has downloadable setup files for several planes, but none that I can see for a Y6.

So, my question is does anyone here use a DX7 transmitter with an Electrohub Y6, or can anyone give me some clues as to how I should go about programming the transmitter for it? The Vector has a setup program which I've run on my PC through a USB cable and is now set so it knows it's a Y6, but I am confused on the transmitter side of things... As far as I can tell, for a Y6 I should be using an "acro" model as opposed to "heli" but I just can't get any further. Random messing around with settings on the transmitter has made the motors run a couple of times, but I dare not put the propellers on until I have at least a basic setup on the transmitter.

I was wondering whether to look at changing the transmitter for something a little newer, as I want to be able to use a pan and tilt gimbal in the future, so a couple of knobs would seem to be sensible. Could anyone suggest a reasonably priced transmitter to upgrade to with this in mind?

Many thanks in advance!
programming is essentially done on the flight controller, not the radio. The flight controller only needs to know stick positions, a few switch positions, but its the flight controller that will do all the mixing and controlling and with which you will spend most time setting it up. Im not familiar with using either the DX7 or the Vector flight controller, but 'acro' sounds about right. If you can see the correct channels in the vector setup app, you're basically done with the transmitter, and I'll refer you to the vector manual.

For your next transmitter, frsky taranis is probably the most popular choice these days, due to its low price and unbeatable features. Probably far more than you need, but the price doesnt reflect that. Only issue is you may need to do a fair amount of reading, its not the most intuitive radio ever.


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Thanks for your reply, ZoomNBoom. I think I have discovered what was going on. The Vector has an OSD built in, but I had not connected it up because I am waiting for a 5.8GHz transmitter. I rigged up a cable to go from the VideoTX output on the Vector to a monitor so I could see what would be displayed from the system... It turns out that when the Vector is connected to USB it disables all motor outputs for safety reasons - it actually says so on the screen, although I didn't see anything in the manual about it. So I disconnected the USB and BINGO! I can now arm the 'copter motors and (hopefully) will be able to get it all running tomorrow... As to upgrading the radio, I think I will put off doing it for a while, until I get some flying hours under my belt (and also save up a bit of money!). I dare say I will be asking more questions on the forum soon enough, showing my true ignorance as a noob! Thank you again - it's much appreciated :)
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