1. E

    Why is my Dragonfly spinning?

    I am having problems with my first tricopter build. I purchased the Dragonfly and I have it put together. Unfortunately every time I give it throttle, the whole copter spins. The tough-tilt keeps pitching to the right. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this?
  2. H

    Spin Susceptible Aircraft for Testing

    I am a student at Virginia Tech pursuing my masters in Aerospace Engineering with a focus in dynamics and control and I am in need of a cheap platform which can be easily put into a spin. It should also be able to carry the Pixhawk PX4 autopilot platform and maybe some other small piece of gear...
  3. Maingear

    Kraken Tail Wheel(s)

    I joined the local flying field (north of Memphis TN). I want to taxi onto the airfield and from the landing spot on the runway to the taxiway. I can't seem to turn while I taxi without spinning out. Asphalt, no way. Taking off and landing roll is great in the original configuration as long as...
  4. T

    Help! Tricopter flies well, but then suddenly loses control and crashes

    Hi folks I've been flying for a while and recently got into multirotors, built a tricopter to David's design, then made a few changes and now I am up to version 3 of my own take on David's tricopter. It flies great and is the most stable and responsive tricopter I've built yet. However, I've...