Kraken Tail Wheel(s)


Flugzeug Liebhaber
I joined the local flying field (north of Memphis TN). I want to taxi onto the airfield and from the landing spot on the runway to the taxiway. I can't seem to turn while I taxi without spinning out. Asphalt, no way. Taking off and landing roll is great in the original configuration as long as I don't want to turn.

Thrust vectoring conversion (already have differential thrust) would take longer than 30 min to rig... So I added tail wheels and zip tied them to the skewers.

Turn radius is 20' with the fixed tail wheels I installed. Wire was left over from the control rods. Wheels were light and under $5(micro sport wheels Duro_Bro). Instead of drilling witha bit, I spun the wheel and let the wire boar the hole out. Zip ties are the very small kind.

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