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  1. lawrenceyy

    MiG-3 with Violent Spinner Vibrations

    I bought a spinner off Amazon thinking that I would complete my MiG-3, but it's giving me problems. The spinner doesn't have any noticeable vibrations until the throttle hits 80-100%. I have not balanced my prop or my spinner- I was hoping the spinner would work straight out of the box since I...
  2. Z

    Spinner Size and Prop Performance

    I have had very good success with the Suppo BL-2217/7 motor/APC 6x5SF prop combo recommended as a "high performance" option to power my FT warbirds. I love the Spitfire and the Mustang and have build a few of each already. I currently use a 2 1/4" Dubro spinner on this power combo on all the...
  3. C

    My second Spitfire build

    This is my 7th scratch build from the flite test downloads, by far the pride of my mini fleet! The baby blender v2 was the best flying plane for my growing skill level to date but when I purchased the 2" spinner I knew I had to build a proper spitfire! So here it is, after I put the wing and...