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My second Spitfire build

This is my 7th scratch build from the flite test downloads, by far the pride of my mini fleet! The baby blender v2 was the best flying plane for my growing skill level to date but when I purchased the 2" spinner I knew I had to build a proper spitfire! So here it is, after I put the wing and fuselage together separately I sanded all the edges (there isnt a sharp edge anywhere) and minwaxed for the first time, simple red then decals with a clean black finish looks great over the minwax, I even went as far as to paint the control horns black and a neat battery hatch under the motor for a clean look! I would recommend the minwax on any scratch build! Thanks for taking the time to check out my build!


jayz 84

Posted a thousand or more times
Great build man. Nice look. It takes me back to my first Ft build which was the spit i painted mine the night flyer scheme. I still have the plane to this day not a thing wrong with its still ready to fly. But it hangs in my boys room. Nice work man