1. Taildragger

    Skin Mighty Mini Kitfox Skins (Kyle Franklin Speedster) 1.0

    Skins for my fast Kitfox Speedster based on Kyle Franklin's 2017 Kitfox Speedster. According to Franklin it is "A blast to fly" at full scale, so hopefully it is as an RC Both skins scaled down can be seen below (and yes that is trent palmers autograph):
  2. sdabiker

    What plane is this? IDENTIFY PLEASE!

    I was given this amazing 4 channel glider. It resembles the style of an E-flite Ascent, but it is smaller. I am hoping that one of you are able to tell me what type of plane it is. Let me know. Also if any of you have a manual or anything that would be great.
  3. BurningArmada

    My KF Airfoil Sport Glider

    After building multiple Versa wings, I figured I would try my hand at designing my own wing design. I decided to go with a Kline–Fogleman stepped airfoil for the simplicity and glide characteristics. In an effort to balance the air frame without adding any extra weights to the nose, I...
  4. TehMaxwell

    Project TCOEB (This can only end badly)

    Hey all, Recently I decided to invest in getting the electronics to build a flitetest power pod, as it seems like a great idea for me, especially since I like to build my own things and explore all parts of the Hobby (I've only been flying for a few years, if that!) So, I am particularly...