What plane is this? IDENTIFY PLEASE!


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I was given this amazing 4 channel glider. It resembles the style of an E-flite Ascent, but it is smaller. I am hoping that one of you are able to tell me what type of plane it is. Let me know.

Also if any of you have a manual or anything that would be great.


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Well, type... or what exact plane. Exact plane no idea.

its clesrly a 4 channel motor glider or hot/warm liner. I would bet on a warm liner


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Dude, I wish I had that. I really don't know what it is but i believe there is an FT Extra with something similar in it.


Some measurements would definitely be helpful as there are many planes on the market that look similar to yours. If you post wingspan, wing chord and fuselage length, we could probably find it or something similar enough for your purposes.

Specifically, what questions do you have regarding a manual? Since it looks complete, we can probably get you very close to cg location, etc.