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  1. MarioGdV

    Solved Turnigy D2836 1100KV for a FT Sportster

    Hi! I'm building the FT Sportster, and I'm looking for a cheaper way to build it without the Power Pack C, basically because I live in Spain and the shipping is too expensive (and I can buy all the electronics with the batteries in other shops for the same price). I decided to buy 4 HXT900...
  2. C

    Ft Sportster plans to foamboard

    I was wondering how to transfer the plans for the sportster onto the foam. The paper doesn't seem as big as the actual plane, it looks like it will only make a scaled down version. Do you have to print it on a larger paper?
  3. N

    First Post!

    Hello from Pennsylvania! My brother and I are going to be building two of the DIY kits. We already have flown the FT Explorer. I'm torn between the FT-22 and the Sportster. Any suggestions? This will be our 2nd planes. Thanks!
  4. D

    FT Sportster build video qustion

    Watching the build video for the FT Sportster. Did they use the same 4.7 gram Digital servos on the FT Sportster that they used on the FT Mini Sportster?